Featured Foam Supplier, March 2013

SURF.X – Argentina

SURF.X - Argentina

Now is the time to travel to Argentina. We’re way behind the trend on Indonesia, Central America, and pretty much everywhere warm. Europe was an ideal adventure-land for years, but the Euro has made it cost prohibitive in the last decade. Argentina on the other hand, produces some of the worlds finest beef, world-class wines, and according to Lucas Romenelli from SURF.X, the waves are epic and uncrowded. Buenos Aires is very cosmopolitan and regarded as the “Paris of South America” while the beaches and waves rival the finest on the continent.

Just as US Blanks takes pride in producing a 100% Made in California product, Lucas focuses his business on using local labor and materials (except for foam – read below.) and has a local team of surf athletes that rigorously test all the products that he distributes. Read on and consider maybe booking a flight!

US Blanks: Tell me about SURF.X. When was the brand started and what types of products do you distribute?

Lucas: SURF.X is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of technical accessories for surf. From our origin and essence as surfers, we design each product from the ground up, thereby polishing every technical detail and comfort for the user to enjoy a surf session fully and safely.
With over 20 years in the market of technical accessories, SURF.X supports and tests each product through its Team riders, whom help us extend the qualitative limits of our products. From surfboard blanks to leashs, field research is an important part of product development.
In this way we work and will continue to ensure the highest quality, safety and comfort in each wave surfed. We’ve done the work, so when that perfect wave comes, your gear will perform without fail.

US Blanks: Does your business sell more to professional shapers or “home board builders”? How has the culture of home board builders evolved in Argentina? 

Lucas: SURF.X has a wide variety of customers from professional shapers to  surf shops and new shapers that are learning the craft. Over the years we’ve see a lot of “At home board builders” grow and develop into professional brand. This trend is growing every year and that is why SURF.X gives much attention to this market as well.

US Blanks: We’re starting to see world class surfers coming from Argentina, like Lucas Santamaria and even young kids. How has that changed the local surf culture? Does it attract more mainstream sponsors or media?

Lucas: in recent years, many hidden talents of Argentina have begun to appear in the international surf scene. Surfing in our country has historically been masked by the high level of our Brazilian neighbors, of which we have been learning and taking examples, both regarding athletes and surfboard manufacturers. Contribution to our growth is also due to travel to surf and improvement and Internet access to information for shapers from different parts of the world. Slowly, the media and the press began to include the world of surfing in their marketing plans and that helps us grow with exposure among the population, showing the sport and the lifestyle we love.

US Blanks: Has Argentina benefited from Surf Tourism?

 Lucas: Argentina has unfortunately not yet attracted “surfer tourism” from abroad.
Despite this, our country has good quality waves and many interesting points that combine good waves and an amazing natural environment, from SURF.X encouraged to pursue different actions show these places with much surf in ARGENTINA!

US Blanks: Why do you choose to carry US Blanks?

Lucas: OK, this topic is very important to us. Back to the decade of the 80’s and 90’s, we have been customers for years of Clark Foam. Once Clark closed in 2005, we had to rely on local manufacturers. The foam quality was not what we were used to from local manufacturer. Thankfully, US Blanks came along and we decided to opt for a world-class foam, the best according to our knowledge and belief, supported by past experience with Clark, and the key individuals who founded US Blanks. As distributors of various products to manufacturers of surfboards, our goal was to offer local and international products of world-class quality. That is why we choose to represent US Blanks in Argentina!

US Blanks: Is there anything else that you’d like people to know about travelling to Argentina? And about SURF.X? 

Lucas: To finish, we would like to tell people who’re reading this, that most SURF.X products are developed with local labor and quality materials, testing and designing on the specific use of each of them. Because we are a company created by surfers our only goal is for you is for each surf session to be safe and pleasent! We invite everyone to discover ARGENTINA’s waves. We have such a unique environment and almost 4000 km of coasts through the different provinces and Patagonia! Good waves for everyone and a great 2013!

Nakel!!!  (“Thanks” in Tehuelche, the local language of the indigenous tribes that have lived on our shores for centuries)


Kepa Acero has garnered a lot of attention in recent years focusing on his nomadic surf adventures. The viral video that started it all was his self documented journey through Patagonia. Click play below.