Surfboard Blanks - Detail View



Introduced: July 2006
Overall Bottom Length: 77 1316(197.64 cm)
Tip-to-tip Deck Length: 76 1316(195.10 cm)
Max. Width: 20 38(51.75 cm)
Max. Thickness: 2 12(6.35 cm)
Displacement: N/A
Available Rockers:
  • Natural
Available Densities:
  • 1.7 PCF
  • 2.0 PCF
Designed by: Eric Arakawa
Shaper's Comments:
This blank is designed for high performance short boards up to 20-1/4" in width. At 2'-1/2" thick it is perfectly suited for the hand shaper, and still works well for machine shapes due to the increased volume in the nose and tail.