Surfboard Blanks - Detail View



Introduced: July 2006
Overall Bottom Length: 79 1316(202.57 cm)
Tip-to-tip Deck Length: 79 (200.66 cm)
Max. Width: 21 78(55.56 cm)
Max. Thickness: 2 1516(7.46 cm)
Displacement: 1.953 f3(55.30L)
Available Rockers:
  • Natural
  • -1/4N10
Designed by: Pat Rawson [Bio]
Shaper's Comments:
I have listened to many people over the years on this one blank. This newly made 6'7"A blank was lengthened to net a 6'7" bottom length. I re-designed the rail shape for less waste and stronger foam, and I also widened the nose @ 12" by 2' 1/2", the wide