Surfboard Blanks - Detail View



Introduced: July 2006
Overall Bottom Length: 70 516(178.44 cm)
Tip-to-tip Deck Length: 69 1116(176.85 cm)
Max. Width: 19 38(49.21 cm)
Max. Thickness: 2 716(6.19 cm)
Displacement: 1.137 f3(32.20L)
Available Rockers:
  • Natural
  • +1/4T24
  • +3/8T
Designed by: Timmy Patterson
Shaper's Comments:
This is an ideal "Grom" blank with medium volume. It has an excellent natural rocker which will also work very well in the 6'0"P and 6'2"P matched from the nose. A perfect hand shape blank that can also be used on the machine.