About Us

The US Blanks team is comprised of former Clark Foam employees and leaders in the surf industry, with over 125 years combined experience in making polyurethane foam surfboard blanks.

We chose to operate in California to provide the best possible service to our customers. Prior to establishing our factory we obtained all the permits required to operate a polyurethane plant in California. We believe we are the only blank manufacturer that is 100% legal to operate in California. Due to the highly profiled nature of using the various chemicals required to manufacture polyurethane foam, it was very important to us that we exercised ALL environmental and safety precautions and requirements to ensure the safety of our employees and neighboring areas, and to solidify the longevity of our company in the marketplace.

Our mission at US Blanks is to establish close partnerships with our customers to produce the best surfboard possible. We have a commitment to stay on the leading edge of current design & technology and to maintain the highest level of quality while offering a wide range of products for custom ordered blanks, including an extensive variety of blank sizes, weights, stringers, rockers and glue colors.

At US Blanks, we will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure our position at the forefront of environmental and safety standards.

Why Choose US Blanks

  • Guaranteed High Quality Surfboard Blanks
  • Wide Range of Sizes & Materials
  • Total Customization
  • Industry Leading¬†Customer Service
  • Made in USA
  • We Exercise Environmental Best-Practices

While all US Blanks are manufactured in Southern California, we have worldwide distribution through a network of trusted partners.

List of Distribution Partners

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